What's the big idea?

GrownUnschoolers.com is a free website that shares long-form profiles of grown unschoolers, ages 20-99, in their own words.

How do you define "unschooler?"

We think of an “unschooler” as anyone who enjoyed large amounts of autonomy and self-direction as a child, mostly outside of conventional school.

If you attended a highly self-directed school (like a democratic free school), went to community college, or participated in another structured learning environment, we still consider you an unschooler—as long as you were the one making the decision to attend or not.

Why does the world need this website?

People love stories. When parents and young people consider homeschooling, unschooling, and self-directed education centers, they benefit from reading detailed stories of those who have done it before—especially concerning the transition from K-12 into college, career, and general adulthood. 

While many stories of grown unschoolers may be found online and in books, a central repository of detailed profiles didn’t exist. That’s why we believe this site needs to exist.

Who's behind this?

  • Editor-in-Chief: Maya Landers (21-year-old grown unschooler in Austin, Texas) 
  • Consultant & Technical Support: Blake Boles (who originally devised the idea)

How can I get in touch?

Send questions, comments, and glowing praise to grownunschoolers@gmail.com.

If you’d like to get in touch with someone profiled on this site, please compose an email to that person, send it to grownunschoolers@gmail.com, and we will forward it.

How can I find out when new profiles are posted?

Sign up below to receive new profiles via email. An RSS reader also works (old school, but effective).